Friday, January 30, 2015

Being Courteous

Occasionally Daddy will add a blog he wishes mouse to read.  Usually it has to do with manners, not that mouse isn't courteous or lacks manners in anyway.  It's just something she doesn't think about often.  For example, before being with Omega, the thought of sending a thank you note to family, seemed silly to mouse.  Sure, if they lived far away or something.  Otherwise it wasn't something she routinely did.   Until Omega came into her life and would prompt mouse to send to a note.  

It wasn't like you must do this, it was subtle.  After a dinner party once, mouse remarked to Daddy that someone gave us a nice bottle of wine as a hostess gift.  Daddy replied offhandedly, "How nice, you should send a card to thank them, I'll get you the address." Now, to be honest, the first thought mouse had was couldn't just email them?  No, Daddy felt it was best to send a card.  

So, when mouse logged into her blogger account Wednesday to blog on her main blog, she noticed a new blog or website blog that popped into the feed.  After spending a few moments reading she realized she'd never sent a thank you note to a few people after our New Years Eve celebration.  All the holiday thank you's were sent right after that holiday.  The only thing Daddy disagreed with, rather hotly was the time-line section of that post.  Particularly responding to wedding gifts, which they wrongly suggest 3-6 months.  No, according to etiquette champion Emily Post, you have around three months and should start them before the wedding, as many will ship gifts ahead of the big day -- even if unopened until the wedding -- send a note acknowledging the gift.  Really, that was something mouse had no clue about.  

Now, here's the odd thing, mouse never considered sending a close friend like Lucy a thank you note for helping with a big dinner party.  Yet, when Daddy said mouse should, she of course did it and it was very well received.  Lucy absolutely gushed over it.   Sending a thank you note just because you received a thank you, seems silly, and not needed.  Maybe it is the idea of getting something special in the mail aside from the usual bills and junk mail that makes it so nice?  

It seems any hand-written correspondence is completely becoming a very lost art,  which is probably sad.  We've all but stopped writing letters today, in lieu of sending emails or even text messages to friends or family.  They don't even focus on penmanship anymore in schools at least the way used to. It is interesting that mouse now receives more thank you notes from friends because of this.  Imagine that?  Trendsetting mouse.