Monday, July 21, 2014


Sometimes we're just ungrateful, during the winter months we all dreamt of summer at the lake, the warm sun soaking into our very bones. Then the heat intensified, and became what mouse would say oppressive heat. It's too hot for Sir to fish -- almost. Nothing much prevents that.

Maintenance has slowed though, but really it's not a problem since mouse is too uncomfortable to care either way. Thank goodness Sir insisted that mouse bring summer pajamas -- it sounds silly but this is exactly why. At night we have the room fans going all night, mouse becomes chilled, reaches for a blanket, can't get to it because Sir laying on top of them, and even if mouse could cover herself up, she'd just become too warm, then it all begins again. The pajamas keeps mouse just right (almost).

Really it's about perspectives. It's hard to remember that, but really mouse has learned to appreciate many things more. While mouse was obsessed with tilting at windmills just a couple months ago, now that's been replaced with confidence in who she is. That's all a huge credit to Sir.

In the meantime, we've been trying to discover new ways of beating the heat during the day. In the early morning, and later afternoon the lake is filled, but midday, when the sun is highest, everyone takes cover. Sir finds the hammock nice in a shady spot, but lately without a breeze it's been too warm. We all take cover indoors and well usually nap and that's probably since if we all try to do some activity everyone begins to just melt down. Unless we all head to to town like today because even though mouse makes the best ice cream, the ice cream shop in town, is air conditioned. Again perspectives are very important.