Thursday, June 26, 2014

When the Rain Falls

This morning the distant sound of thunder rolled through the mountains and lightning flashed across the lake. Inside some rather cramped quarters mouse snuggled against her Sir, smelling him. He's got the man smell thing that makes mouse swoon. Since the rains are expected to linger for the next several days, we found ourselves venturing into town for a coffee and the all important Internet connection.

Right now, mouse cannot decide which blog to post this in, but considering the last published post here was late May, well why not? Is it wrong to suggest the rains make things a bit dull? Sir did, just now, give mouse a small bit of 'mad money' to buy something frivolous. Now don't laugh but mouse will make her way to this fantastic soap shop in town and plunk down probably too much money on a bar of lavender soap that she will protect with her last breath!

It's a simple pleasure, like the smell of chicken roasting in the oven -- maybe its just mouse but it's one of those smells that seems to make her feel safe. Not sure why though, in fact mouse cannot recall anyone in her family roasting a whole chicken. It's not a thanksgiving turkey smell either -- chicken smells like love to mouse and the turkey reminds her of stress.

Ok, now mouse has gotten off the track, this is about rain. When it's rainy here, depending on how rainy maybe. Did you know there are degrees of raininess? Little rain, the kind that feels like mist on your skin that you might mistake for fog. Then there's the rain that comes on fast, departing just as quickly and leaving behind wonderful puddles to explore. Finally there's the kind of rain that falls loudly, with so much water you wonder where it all goes.

In case you're at all curious, we're in the midst of the last one. The longest time mouse spent outside was the amount of time it took to move the herb pots so they aren't drowned.

It's really the perfect day for exploring in town and sample some local flavors. There's a shop dedicated to all things puzzles here, so we know that's on the list. Sir already treated mouse to some lovely (unscented) candles and some coffee beans (tomorrow morning really can't come soon enough). It's just us here for now, so there's little point in spending the day cooking goodies we'll never finish and the house closest to us is still empty (tho we did notice the cleaning crew recently) so there's no one to share with.

Still the rains provide an odd sort of distraction for us. Finding a new kind of joy in everyday things. Added bonus, mouse gets to put off laundry another day, and if the rain continues long enough she'll be posting again sooner rather than later, as she watched the soothing tumble of clothing churning in the sudsy water.