Friday, December 13, 2013

Urges and Other Strange Things

Nobody's perfect, right? Daddy always reminds mouse that nobody's perfect but it doesn't stop mouse from trying to be. There's far too much that's been ignored -- dust bunnies hiding. Bright sunny days with plenty of sunshine filtering through the windows means highlighting where the dust bunnies live.

Also, the fact everyone in this house, mouse included, has been sneezing and coughing all over it. So, mouse brought the baby to a relative's home to visit, quickly ran a few errands and hurried home to clean. The urge was overwhelming and it's so rare, it just needed to be acted on. Probably prompted by reading this book. It's the anal retentive guide to cleaning and Daddy approved. Seriously, the author doesn't believe in washing your hands in the kitchen sink!

So mouse driven by need to nest, scrubbed the whole house, shampooed carpets and disinfected the whole thing. Moved furniture and got into corners. Yes, there was some washing of cabinets and other woodwork. Far easier to do without being nude, chained with Daddy watching over her every movement. Lot quicker too since they weren't nearly as filthy as they were before.

We even had a mobile groomer come to the house to bathe the dogs!

Daddy was well aware what mouse was up to all day since mouse was texting about it all (it constituted a change of routine). Daddy surprised mouse by saying if mouse would get the baby early -- he'd been keeping an eye on the weather and felt it best, and said he would bring home dinner.

Really mouse was releaved a bit, although early in the afternoon flurries had been flying but not sticking.. As luck would have it, they did begin to stick after she returned with Babygirl. When Daddy got home, the snow was a bit heavier. He carried wine and pizza.

After all of mouse's hard work, Daddy let mouse watch any movie she wanted...

We settled down and watched a movie that wouldn't torture him too much, White Christmas. Sure mouse could have tortured him with any number of movies, but he probably would clawed his eyes out before they were finished. In bed after the movie was over, he said mouse could watch another movie the next night. Anything she wanted. He said he had work to do so he'd be missing out.

What a shame!