Saturday, March 22, 2014


In a few hours,,Daddy is taking the kids on a trip without mouse. Yes, you read that right, Daddy is taking the kids on a long weekend without mouse. A few days without kiddos, without Daddy, without kids....yes, mouse mentioned kids twice; it's pretty significant. The reason mouse isn't going is someone needs to take care of the animals. We have many, too many it seems. Something about kids that mean animals. We have dogs, a bird, fish a cat (don't ask and shhhh Daddy doesn't know about that one yet) and a hermit crab mouse strongly suspects is dead.

There's no one really available to care for the dogs and kennels won't take the bird, the fish, the cat and well the maybe dead hermit crab. It's too expensive for such a short holiday. So, Daddy asked mouse if it wouldn't be too much of a bother for her to stay home.

A bother?

Yes, mouse tried to feign appropriate disappointment. Daddy said he was looking forward to some time alone with the kids. Now, honestly having been alone with those people, mouse rather thinks he's lost his mind. But, the big question is what will mouse be doing with herself for the next several days?

Of course there are a stack of movies mouse has been planning to watch. Sense and Sensibility, The Notebook, and a bunch of other girlie movies that Daddy can't stand.

There's a mani and pedi in mouse's future, Sunday brunch with the girls and after that who knows. Maybe there is a pizza in mouse's future? The kind of pizza she likes without all the junk she doesn't like. Well, it's not that she doesn't like it -- it's just more about getting the stuff eveyone else likes. Isn't that what we do?

Maybe a big stew with mashed potatoes?

Why is it mouse only thinks of baths, movies and food that's totally not kosher? Yes, she wants to mix dairy and meat! Macaroni and cheese, with mushrooms, garlic and bacon? Ok, there's also movies...

And books.

So how long will it take before mouse is crying that she misses everyone?