Monday, April 22, 2013

More than Roses

There are few things in life that make mouse smile than fresh flowers.  A good friend of mouse's brought her some Peonies  and mouse simply drooled.  To mouse they're prettier than roses and they don't have thorns.   The problem is the scent.  

Some are pretty strong in the scent department.  The ones gifted to mouse were no exception.  Within an hour of bringing them inside, our older dog was sneezing.  He even made the sneezing face...

Strangely, mouse didn't consider the flowers were the culprit.  Honestly, mouse just figured the dog had gotten a snout full of something...He's always sticking his nose into something.  

It really wasn't until Daddy came home and asked what the smell was and heard the dog sneezing that he instantly recognized the issue was maybe the flowers.  The scent he said was strong enough for him to take notice of.   So rather begrudgingly Daddy gave the dog a benadryl and mouse took the flowers into the garage.  

Within a short amount of time, the dog again settled, the sneezing stopped -- too quickly for the benadryl to really have an effect.   The next day, mouse (because she's totally stubborn) brought the flowers back into the house.  The dog again began to sneeze not just a little -- but a whole lot, just like before.  So again mouse took them into the garage.

Lesson learned while gorgeous Peonies are not welcomed.

People have asked what we do with our dogs while we host dinner parties.  The old man dog prefers to stay away from all the activity provided that he doesn't miss out on food or seeing who is entering the house.  We tend to keep corralled upstairs, then he's free to go into the kids rooms, up the other set of stairs to our master bedroom -- where he'll sleep on the bed!  Its his doggy way of saying, "screw you guys."

When we have casual get-togethers the dogs are free to roam about.  Our newer dog generally goes and lays on his bed -- he's watchful but never interferes with anyone.   While the older one lays....well...he'll lay where ever he can be close to people.  He weighs nearly 65 pounds and is convinced he's just a little itty-bitty lap dog -- who has the uncanny ability to squeeze himself into smallest of spots.    Our friends actually adore him.  So do children of all ages.

Our newer dog, is more aloof with people.  He only cares if they're safe to be around his family -- he loves children too and has much more energy (poor old man dog tries vainly to keep up).  When its time to eat, he will sometimes look at our other dog's watchfulness for dropped anything as sign of poor manners.  Dunno if he feels jealousy or if he just feels it's not his job...He's been very well trained.   Young one is more of a guard dog type, well disciplined and clear ideas of right and wrong.  While the Old man dog is more a happy dippy dog.

Perhaps our newer dog is more a reflection of Daddy's personality and our older one is more like mouse?

Really hadn't thought of it that way -- but it's totally possible. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cocktail Parties and other things

There is something about this Image that mouse just giggled when she first saw it.  There was a great internal struggle that went through mouse if she should publish this here or over on our main blog The Power Exchange.  Still there was something about the message that said to mouse keep here on Mostly mouse.

We all know that mouse loves sucking dick...that part isn't a surprise.  But she does whip up an incredible sandwich from time to time too.  It wasn't until BabyGirl came bursting into our lives that sandwiches took on a whole new appeal for mouse.

Sandwiches are such easy things, bread some sort of cheese or meat sliced up.  It used to be years ago they were a staple at cocktail parties.  Why?  Because they're a bit filling (sure you can put away a lot of them due to their size) and soak up the alcohol.  And let's face it they're endless!

You can do watercress and cream cheese.  A hearty, grainy wheat bread with smoked turkey or gouda.  The possibilities are endless!  Anything can go between two slices of bread!

Way back in the 1970s another popular appetizer was simply cream cheese and bologna!  Cut of course into shapes and pierced with a toothpick.   There's got to be a way to update that about a nice herbed goat cheese and mortadella?  Or a nice salami from Molinari?   For our next cocktail party, coming up in a few weeks mouse will be test-driving these ideas and more with of course the help of friends and family.  With the Hors d'oeuvres straight from the 1960s all presented with a hopefully slight more modern twist.

While there will not be room though for JELL-O and the party will not specifically be themed either. Instead mouse hopes it will just give a rather informal nod to those days gone by.   Cocktails will be another topic....Of course we'll be serving classic martini's and a host of non-alcholic beverages for those who don't wish to imbibe.

Wine, of course and maybe beer.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Old Mother Hubbard...

While Daddy was away, mouse decided it was time to really go through the cabinets.  It was a nice, distracting process and kiddo assisted by standing on a chair and grabbing things mouse couldn't reach.  

Now, this was a process started before Passover, when it was necessary to rid out our home of any Chametz for the holiday.  Looking at the cupboards tho, mouse noticed there were other things, not forbidden that really needed to be gone through.  Unopened bottles of hot sauces, jars of something, canned goods no one eats...

So mouse began the process of removing the stuff, all the stuff, and checking "Best By" dates.  Shamefully 90% of the cabinet was junk.  Too old to even go to a food bank.  Deplorable!   The lower (snack) cabinets the kids have were no better in fact they were a good deal worse because mouse won't even begin to try to describe what she found lurking there.  

Now, our dietary needs have changed also since we've been together.  Daddy hates anything pretty much that comes in a package, so those packaged or convenience rice packages and couscous just languished on the shelves.   Rice, breads, starches and other grains have long since vanished from our diets because of the havoc they cause Daddy and his blood sugars.  He's really not afraid of a protein salad.  

When he returned home he found (shockingly) several cabinets completely empty of food.  He actually didn't like that but when mouse explained it to him, he said he understood.  No baby food either girl has been off that for a while, and she hates the other stuff like it for toddlers...she wants our food or nothing. 

Our refrigerator is full of food, we have a fruit bowl filled with fruit.  Lots of vegetables too..and cheese because Daddy can't live without cheese.   

There is one cabinet, that does contain bread, peanut butter, chips and crackers...But those are mostly for the kids to munch on.  Baby girl's favorite lunch is PB&J with half a banana and raisins.  We used to keep the dog treats in there...but we had move them -- sure you can guess why.